Project Details

Project Description

Telia consumer broadband contracts data had to be integrated and migrated into SAP. Initial step was to understand the Legacy and SAP product models. Legacy data came mainly from 5 source systems (Master data system, CRM system, Telekom technical system, Billing system and Marketing system). There were other less significant source systems like Address database, device database etc. There were 3 main data objects (Customers, Business Agreements and Contracts). Other smaller objects were Prospects, Open receivables, Installment plans, Dunning items, Legal cases, Write Offs etc. All this data had to be imported for nearly a million customers in a manner that is modeled in SAP. We did data profiling to understand the patterns of Legacy data. This led us to a data sampling exercise, aimed at identifying and prioritizing data sets to be migrated to SAP S/4HANA. We planned the migration in such a way to finish the Simple products first, followed by Value added services and finally the Bundle offers.

Our team consisted of Solution architect, Data Migration Technical Lead, SAP technical architect, Senior and Junior ABAP programmers and Data Loaders. We also had a team of Functional experts and Validators to help us out on testing the migrated data.

Data extraction was done by in-house programmers who were experts in Legacy systems. We did the Transformation using BODS and loading using LSMW, Emigall and Standard ABAP programs. We had 3 Load cycles of 4 weeks each before we loaded POC data into production.

With a lot of planning and testing, we went for the first BIG data set of 70K B2C customer contracts. Challenge was that there were around 900K contracts to migrate and we can do a maximum of 70K contracts a month. Also, we cannot have a 11 day cutover every month. Most important task was to optimize the performance of these Data migration programs to handle HIGH volumes of data. SAP CRM was the bottleneck when it came to performance. We had experimented with different sets of Application servers, Background processes, Dialog processes, parallel processes, Virtual machines etc to come up with the most optimum plan. We could reduce the cutover to 5 days and increase the throughput to 100K per month. Then followed 9 more monthly cutovers with 100K contracts each.

Telia is one of the few Telekom companies that is running on FULL SAP stack as of today.