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Project Description

Verstegen partnered with us on the Taste Generator project to develop a digital tool to capture the (scientific) knowledge about backgrounds, flavors, flavor components, quality, applications and trends of Verstegen's herbs and spices. Founded in 1886 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Verstegen Spices & Sauces is a market-leading producer and supplier of food products and ingredients.

The product comprises a Data Warehouse on MS SQL Express hosted on Windows Server 2019 with a form-based application created using .NET Framework for the users to maintain their data.

The product offers the possibility to determine connections and queries for various purposes in order to exploit this knowledge both internally and externally, thus acting as an accelerator of processes for Verstegen employees, where validated knowledge about herbs and spices is immediately available.

Many APIs had to be developed for the product so that digital assets will be able to make API calls to the (back-end) product to query the data about the herbs and spices.